Ah Zhang Fei, I have wondered why I have not contacted you much sooner - probably because I've been too busy insulting your sheep lord Liu Bei and admiring Guan Yu a lot. I apologize if you feel left out.

Well all right, here's a question - what is it about you and that sheep that makes Guan Yu so loyal to you? I keep asking him to make his own peace garden oath with me and Xiahou Dun but he insists you guys are his sworn brothers. What is your secret?!

First of all, call my Big Brother a sheep again and I’ll throw one at your face. 

Next, he met us first my Second Brother believes in Big Brother (and me!) and especially our dream to restore the Han dynasty and bring peace and stability to everyone in the land. Compare that to you, the Han prime minister in name, and the villain in reality! 

We’ve already sworn that we would die together in the same year, same month and same day as brothers. My Second Brother is loyal to a fault. Why would he turn his back on us and make another vow with you and that one-eyed loser? 

Our brotherhood and shared dream and sentiments are deeper than anything you can throw at Yunchang (well except maybe for that one time I kinda doubted him after he submitted to you BUT WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT) SO STOP DREAMING, CAO AHMAN, JUST GO BACK AND WASH YOUR NECK AND KEEP AN EYE FOR MY BLADE

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